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In the current market there are a lot of REO properties on the market. REO means – Real Estate Owned by the banks and financial institutions. There are many good deals out there for investors and home buyers. When you decide to purchase house or just vacant land we suggest that you get a land survey done. Make sure you find out about property problems before you go to the closings. You are investing thousands of dollars in the purchase of your investment and you need to make sure you know everything about the property: where the property lines are, about any possible encroachments, easements, flood issues, current zoning and building setbacks per county ordinance in your intend to build new home or make renovation.

Regarding fence constructions: make sure you know where you property lines are. Don’t assume, be sure and exact. Call Survey Land Express and we will perform boundary survey and stake property lines in fast turn around time and at very reasonable price.

If you need a contractor for renovations, new construction, fence installation or tree service work – give us a call at 404-375-2727 and we would be glad to recommend you some good reputable companies and contractors that we know and work on the regular basis.

We coordinate and deliver quality land surveying services in Residential and Commercial real estate markets. Thank you for all our existing clients and new clients who find us through word of mouth, internet search and advertising. We are committed to deliver land surveying services in fastest turn around time possible. We wish you success in land development projects, renovation and new contraction projects and all kind of real estate transactions.

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