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We at Survey Land Express help you make the right decision when you buy the property by doing a land survey to help you design and build your dreams.

We help you make an informed decision when buying a parcel of land. When you buy a house you really buy a parcel of land with everything on it, so when you have a real estate closing you get a deed in your name with land legal description. There might be easements, pipes, encroachments, overlaps and gaps that are hard to find out about unless you have a land survey plat. And we do just that.

When it comes to construction projects, we measure Existing Conditions and Design Proposed conditions which is often called Construction Siteplan and with that you get your building permit. And throughout the construction project we help you stake the house and other improvements making sure they go in the right places within your lot and do final asbuilts so you get Certificate of Occupancy to move in or sell property. We work on Single Family Residential Lots and large Subdivisions projects, Commercial sites where we stake the roads, utilities and all other improvements.


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Here are the various types of customers that often need the services of a surveyor. Finding out after the completion of your project that property lines or stake points for your building are in the wrong location can be an expensive situation to remedy.


We at SLE prepare Existing conditions surveys and Proposed conditions surveys called Siteplan that Builders use to obtain the building permits. We surveyors also do construction staking and final asbuilts for builders can pass final inspections and receive CO certificate of occupancy.

Real Estate Attorneys

We at SLE prepare land surveys and write up legal descriptions so that Real Estate attorneys can incorporate survey plats into their closing documents for the purchase and sale transactions. Deeds and Plats are recorded and become official records.

Real Estate Agents

Realtors use survey plats that we prepare in their listing when the property goes for sale. Also buyers order land surveys to see the details of the property they are buying. Only by obtaining land survey buyers can know what is possible to build on the property such as house, swimming pool, other improvements.


Lenders loan money to the buyers and builders and they need to know the details of the property making sure that loan amount is not more than appraisal value of the property, if the property is in the flood zone, what is buildable, land size.

Demolition Companies

In order to get the demolition permit a land survey needs to be done reflecting all existing conditions and a demolition drawing showing everything that will be removed. Demolition drawing shows many details in regards to Erosion controls measures, tree save details and utilities.


Everything starts with a Land Survey and after that it goes into the design. Usually for large projects we at SLE prepare Existing conditions surveys first and pass on the files to different engineers (civil, structural engineers) to design the project.


Usually arborists will use a land survey drawing that shows all the trees and incorporate that into an arborist report identifying species of trees, their health conditions for various construction permits required by municipalities.


Inspectors use our land survey drawings in their reports identifying various details such as foundation placements, elevations of improvements, location of utilities.

Title Companies

Title closing companies have the responsibility for ensuring that all the documents related to the ownership of a property are in order before real estate transactions are executed. Land surveys are done to show how the legal description is placed on the ground and what improvements, easements, etc are on the property.


Fence companies need to know where the property lines are so they can install fences in the correct locations. We at SLE prepare the survey plats and stake the property lines.


Real Estate appraisers use land surveys to see the land size, land configuration, placements of improvements, potential buildable area, elevations to determine the market value for a real property.

Insurance companies

If property is located in the flood zone in order for the insurance company to write up the policy and estimate the cost of premium payments monthly or annually they need to know the potential risk. We at SLE measure and determine flood elevations to demonstrate if a house is safe or could be under water like a submarine.

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Land survey is not required for a real estate closing. It is highly recommended because you don’t know for sure where the improvements are exactly. Georgia is a buyer beware state. It is a law that puts responsibility on the buyer to learn of any defects or problems about the homes and land.

Yes, usually you need to have the Existing conditions survey and proposed conditions survey called Siteplan to get a building permit.

he price depends on many different factors, level of details, site location, configuration, size. For example if you plan to just buy a house and move in, without any construction plans in mind in this case you need a Boundary survey done. (survey drawing will show boundaries, improvements such as house, driveway, fences, walls, easements)

If you plan to build an addition, pool, walls, landscape done, you need Existing conditions survey (boundaries, all improvements, topography, trees, utilities, setbacks, adjacent houses, easements, zoning requirements)

The best way to have this question answered is to fill out our online quote form and within 24 hours we will get you price and time.

An elevation certificate is a document that lists a building’s location, lowest point of elevation, flood zone & other elevation details for utilities, according to the FEMA. It is used to help determine flood insurance rates.

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