Boundary Survey (large size acreage)

Boundary Survey for Large Acreage

Results clients get when they call Survey Land Express and order boundary survey:

In the field:

  • property corners are identified and marked with pink flagging for homeowners to see. Also it helps all other Atlanta Land Surveyors to find and identify property corners when they do land surveying work on the subject property or adjacent properties.
  • property line staking upon request

On the survey plat given to the client following items are shown:

  • property lines with bearing and distances
  • all the improvements including house, driveway, fences, walk ways, decks, patios, sheds
  • drainage pipes and sewer lines along with appropriate easements when they are located on the property or effect the property
  • encroachments (if exist)
  • boundary overlaps and gaps (if exist)
  • reference to deeds and plats that were used

The definition of the phrase is the actual physical extent of property ownership on the ground usually marked by iron rods, rebars, concrete monuments in the ground, rocks with chisel marks, tacks in trees, OTP – open top pipes, axles and others. Practicing Atlanta Boundary Surveys we typically see ½”rbr (steal rebars) or 1.0″ otp (open top pipes) as boundary markers at the corners.

A person or landowner can legally convey only the quality and quantity of interest to which he or she has title, and boundary survey plats show land dimensions and configurations. We at Survey Land Express suggest you to keep a copy of a boundary survey plat in your folder at all times, from the day you receive the title of the real property to the day you pass title to somebody else.

Educational Resource
Definition according to Black’s Law Dictionary, Eight Edition, written by Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief

The limit of a landholding, usually described by linear measurements of the borders, by points of the compass, or by stationary markers.

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