Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Why Choose Survey Land Express?

Choosing the right Land Surveying Firm in Atlanta for Residential and Commercial land surveying work is an important decision. You spend a substantial amount of money on the investment in real estate purchase transactions, in property development or in renovations. Your Atlanta Land Surveyor should be knowledgeable, professional and someone with whom you are comfortable working with and you can trust.

At Survey Land Express in Georgia, our employees are trained to serve as your Atlanta Land Surveying Firm Consultants. The office staff will help you decide what type of survey you will need based on what you are trying to accomplish. (for example: purchase and due diligence research on the property, new construction, renovation, fence installation, flood insurance purchase, etc).

Field crew will help you identify the property corners, walk with you along the property lines, answer questions you might have right there in the field. (for example: about encroachments, easements, property lines location)

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