Georgia Boundary Survey

Georgia Boundary Survey

Information regarding Georgia Boundary surveys!

In GA real estate closing transactions for the most part the legal descriptions of the parcel is taken from the Georgia Boundary survey plats prepared by Registered Land Surveyors in GA.

Georgia Boundary survey plat is a graphical representation of the property. Typically items that are shown on the survey plats:

  • shape of the parcel with the property lines and property corners identified, along with bearing and distances
  • all the improvements on the parcel of land including buildings, driveways, walkways, parking lots, fences, utility power poles, and everything else that can be physically located by the field crew at the time of survey work
  • natural creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and cannels
  • easements (such as sewer, drainage, access, etc)


When you plan to purchase or sell property – Call us at Survey Land Express and order a Georgia Boundary Survey. Ordering prior to closing is our recommendation. You find our problems ahead of time and can make appropriate decision regarding real estate deal you are just about to make.

If you already own the property and might have some projects in improving the property or in the dispute situations with neighbors – give us a call and we will try to figure out if Georgia Boundary survey is what you need. There many other services we offer and would be glad to advise you accordingly.

Information about Georgia Boundary Surveying

The history and location of boundaries are seeped in the history of the world from prerecorded times to today. These boundaries are a result of action and law. Boundaries are to be found in the areas of history, politics, surveying and law.

Humans create boundaries in several ways and for the sake of simplicity, these may be placed in the following categories:
1. By action. Physical acts require a line and points on the ground. This is followed by placing actual monuments at the corner points and identifying these points corners and line objects. The lines and objects are then described and may be identified on the plats or field notes.
2. By writings. The written word becomes the method of creation when a person describes corners and/or lines in a deed and then conveys to these described lines, prior to the completion of a survey.
3. By law. Ancient common and modern statutes are relied on to create, modify, and relocate many modern boundaries.
Educational Resource
Definition according to Brown’s boundary control and legal principles by Walter G. Robillard, Donald A. Wilson and Curtis M. Brown

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