Brookhaven Land Surveying Services

Brookhaven Land Surveying Services

Basic principles of land surveying have changed little over the ages, where the equipment and the tools used by Brookhaven  Land Surveyors have improved tremendously as far as precision. Civil engineering depends very much on land surveyors. In the construction of roads, reservoirs, detention facilities, Railways and rail roads, retaining walls, tunnels and bridges, residential and commercial areas to be built, land surveyors in Brookhaven are involved all the time. Brookhaven Land Surveyors establish the boundary lines of legal descriptions and the boundaries of political real property division. Land surveyors measure and provide data for GIS (GIS stands for Geographical Information System) and for computer cadastral databases that contain data about land improvements, land features and boundary lines.

Brookhaven Surveyors have a thorough knowledge of algebra, calculus, geometry and trigonometry, knowledge of laws that deal with land surveys, private and public property, business surveying contracts. Also the network of Brookhaven Land Surveyors possesses and operates accurate and precise equipment, total stations and GPS units, in the performance of the surveys.

In the United States surveyors and engineers use units of feet where a survey foot is broken down info 10ths and 100ths of a foot. There are many legal deed descriptions that express distance calls using these units (example 133.25 ft).

The main job of the Brookhaven  boundary surveyor in retracing a deed or prior survey is to locate such monuments and verify their validity and correct position based on the legal description. In the situation where all the natural monuments are not longer present, monuments from the neighboring properties are used, all field possession improvement locations and parole evidence in order to re-establish the lost corners. Many properties have major problems with regards to incorrect bounding, errors in the past surveys, title chains, easements and natural monuments. It also can be found in multiple divisions of a larger piece over several years and with every additional division and development the risk of miscalculation in higher. Result can be adjoining properties not coinciding with adjacent parcels of land which can result hiatuses (definition -gaps) and overlaps. Brookhaven experienced surveyors art of work comes in when the surveyor must resolve a puzzle using pieces of land that do not exactly fit together. Solution of the problem to resolve is based upon the proper research and interpretation of the surveyor, and following law rules to establish procedures to calculate and resolve discrepancies and boundary lines between the conflicting parties.

Brookhaven Land Surveyor is required to sign and seal all the plans, which shows their name and registration number.

Brookhaven Mortgage Surveys are performed mostly for the real estate closing transactions. Title companies and loan institutions require Brookhaven mortgage survey to make sure that property doesn’t have encroachments, that all the improvements are located within parcel boundaries according to the building city codes and local zoning ordinances. Also mortgage survey will show any boundary gaps and overlaps. That critical information can be so important and might be the deal killer on the real estate purchase and sale transaction where big problems are uncovered ahead of time

Brookhaven  Boundary survey is typically ordered when people have a real estate purchase and sale transaction. Based on the legal description land surveyors try to locate the property corner monuments in the field and prepare a graphical representation or report which is called survey plat. Typical Boundary survey in Brookhaven shows the parcel boundaries with corner markers being identified, all the improvements at the time of the survey, easements, any property gaps or overlaps that exist. When homeowners plan to install the fence and want to make sure they stay within their boundaries they call surveyor and order Brookhaven boundary survey and property line staking to identify exact property lines location.

Brookhaven Plot plan or Siteplan: is prepared every time when property owner plans to improve the property by constructing a new building, putting new driveway or parking lot, do major landscape project where grading is involved, install swimming pool, build garage or any substantial structure of the property. Site plans in Brookhaven are prepared according to the check lists from the building departments of the county that issue building permits.

Brookhaven elevation certificate: when the house is located in the flood hazards area and somebody buys it or homeowner does refinancing, lending institutions require Elevation Certificate to see if the house is really in the flood area and by how much. Elevation Certificate in Brookhaven is used by insurance companies to determine the insurance coverage and amount of premiums to be paid for the policy coverage. FEMA updates maps on the regular bases, flood limit lines might be adjusted and sometimes homeowners (who might lived in the house for several years and never had a flood insurance) can receive a letter from the bank requiring them to obtain a flood certificate because their house now might be in the flood hazard area. And that is where Brookhaven Elevation Certificate will show if they are in the flood hazard area and if they need to obtain flood insurance coverage.

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