Fulton County Boundary Survey

Fulton County Boundary Survey

All the deeds and plats for the property in Fulton County are located in the Fulton County Court House.

Right after the property title is transferred from one person to another, the legal documents are being recorded in the Fulton County court house. That’s where Registered Land Surveyors go to do the property research and perform Boundary Survey in Fulton County. With the technology and internet capability many plats and deeds are being scanned and uploaded to the county websites or some central data bases, but in case it is not accessible online it can always we obtained in the Count House of Fulton County just by walking in and making copies. It is publicly available information.

Usually the subdivision plats that you find in recorded records will show the parcel of land without improvements on it. In other words, just the outline of the real property. Some survey plats with all the improvemets are being recorded but it’s not always the case. That’s why when you order Boundary survey in Fulton County you will graphically see all the improvements on the property including houses, asphalt and concrete surfaces (driveways and parking areas), fences, sidewalks. Only Boundary survey for the most part will show you the encroachments, boundary gaps and overlaps. That kind of information is very important and critical for you to know all the real estate transactions and our recommendation to you is – call Survey Land Express ahead of time before any real estate closing date and order Boundary Survey Plat.

Information about Boundaries.
The original surveyor creates the boundaries of a parcel through actions and words. Once an original boundary is created and described, that description remains in effect forever, legally. According to federal statutes as well as common/case law, those lines remain fixed in perpetuity, from the time when the first property rights are conveyed in reliance on the lines and corners described. The surveyor is also the person who retraces the boundaries created originally and creates new evidence for the future surveyors to search for.

What is being created? What is being located?
A person or landowner can legally convey only the quality and quantity of interest to which he or she has title. The surveyor who creates boundaries locates or creates nothing more than invisible lines and corners points that exist as legal fictions between property rights. Boundary lines without any other support have only legal dimensions; they have no physical dimensions until fences are constructed on the invisible lines and these fences are called for the identified in documents that are in the chain of title, or trees are marked and identified in the field notes, property monuments set. A boundary exists because the law permits it to exist, yet one cannot feel it, touch it, or see it, it is not manifested in any way by the dimension of width, only length. Yet once it becomes created, it has legal authority. One neighbor cannot cross over a neighbor’s invisible boundary without being in trespass, and possibly responsible for damages.

Educational Resource
Definition according to Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal principles by Walter G. Robillard, Donald A. Wilson and Curtis M. Brown

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