Construction Staking

Construction Staking


  • Metro Atlanta House Staking
  • Road Staking: curb and gutter, sidewalk, curb cut and driveway apron.
  • Metro Atlanta Utility Staking: sewer manhole, drainage catch basin, headwall and culvert, rip-par
  • Detention pond
  • Metro Atlanta Property Line Staking: for fence installation, landscape project

After the Construction Siteplan in Metro Atlanta gets approved, builder is on the way to start the construction in the field. All the proposed elements such as house, driveway, decks, retaining walls must be installed exactly where they are indicated on the siteplan.

Mostly in town lots are not very wide and proposed buildings are to be located just within the building setbacks determined by the zoning regulations and in these cases all exterior corners of the structure must be staked on the ground with great accuracy. We as Atlanta Land Surveyors establish a coordinate network with horizontal and vertical controls from the beginning of the property and use it throughout the project to calculate and precisely determine exact location of corners of proposed structures where we place wooden stakes with the appropriate descriptions. (example: PL – property line, HC – house corner)

Atlanta House Staking is very important step in the construction process, that is where foundation of the building will be on your parcel of land within building setbacks. All other building finishing’s take place after foundation construction and we can not emphases enough – how important is to have foundation in the right place. You might ask us: “Who in the world would not follow guide lines and take risks?” Oh well, we have seen cases where builders would assume proposed location and lay out building in the entirely wrong place themselves and you probably image for yourself how expensive it is to remove the building and start all over again.

Suggestion – give construction staking project in Metro Atlanta to professionals to handle. Call Survey Land Express and we would be glad to provide Land Surveying Service that will move your project forwards smoothly.