For Builders

For Builders

Atlanta Topographic Surveys for Builders

We do respect all the hard work that builders have to do in order to complete construction projects, such as developing the subdivisions, constructing new buildings, residential and commercial renovations and improvements. Atlanta Builders are like orchestra conductors in the construction process, you Builders have to coordinate so many subcontractors and vendors together in order to complete the final as-build result.

Atlanta Land Surveying part of the project is very important in the research stage and in the development stage for construction company. We want to work with you every step of the way on the land surveying side of the project by providing the following services:

Construction siteplans in Atlanta

1. Metro Atlanta Boundary surveys – so you know the property configuration and size
2. Metro Atlanta Zoning information – so you know the regulation for residential and commercial properties.
– minimum street frontage of the parcel
– minimum lot area
– setbacks (front setbacks, side setbacks and rear setbacks)
– minimum parking spaces required
– maximum floor area ratio
– max lot coverage, impervious area
– building height
3. Metro Atlanta Topography surveys – so you know the elevations on the property, creek and stream location along with buffer limits. By using elevation contours on the drawing, future project can be planned and calculated very accurately.
4. Metro Atlanta Tree surveys – so you know the size, species and location of all the trees on the property (hardwood or pipe). This information is used to calculate the tree recompense, which trees to cut, to save and also how many to plant in the future.
5. Metro Atlanta Utility Surveys – so you know the location of
– sewer line and manholes with elevation inverts,
– drainage pipe location and catch basins with inverts elevation data,
– water lines and water meters,
– power lines and electric meters,
– gas lines and gas meters,
– water wells

Atlanta Topography Surveys really give a builder the third dimension in the development of the project. Mostly all the maps are only two dimensional and it’s impossible sometimes to determine how good this particular parcel is for specific development even if you walk the property in the field. By ordering Atlanta Topographic Survey the projected location of the roads, building, driveways, cut and fill of dirt can be calculated.

We are looking forward to work with you – Builders and provide with quality siteplans and other land surveying services in Metro Atlanta.

Team of Survey Land Express