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For Buyers

Atlanta Mortgage Surveys for Buyers

As a prospective real estate buyer, you benefit from a basic understanding of real property elements. When you buy the real estate you are technically buy the land parcel and everything that comes with it – building and all improvements. On the closing you receive the deed to the property you buy that has a legal description of the land parcel for example such as:

Meets and Bounds description
(example: Beginning at a ½ rebar 50 feet East of the corner of intersection of Buyers Ave and Sellers Street proceed easterly North 01 degrees 12 minutes 15 seconds East 50 feet to a 1/2 inch rod, thence run south 150 feet to a ½ rod, thence run West 50 feet to 1.0 inch open top pipe, thence run North 150 feet to a ½ inch rebar and the True Point of Beginning. Contains 0.17 acres.

Short Legal description
(example: All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Land Lot 237 of the 15th District, Fulton County, Georgia, being lot 17, Block B, Unit 5, Happy Buyers Subdivision, as per plat recorded in Plat Book 25 page 175, Fulton County Records; known as 123 Happy Ave, Atlanta, GA 30342)

As you see above there no indications of how big the house is, no specifications about driveway, deck, swimming pool, other details and where improvements are located on the property. In most instances banks require a Atlanta Mortgage Surveys before the real estate closing to find out about any existing or potential problems.


  • Encroachments. For example where driveway or fence is over the property line into the neighbors yard
  • Utility locations. For example Sewer line with 20 easement is located behind the house where you think on building a pool. And in this case you can not construct anything over the sewer line. And you want to find out about it before hand.
  • Easements. For example Power easement, Gas easement, Drainage easement will restrict you on improving the property in certain places. You can not make the addition to the building and have the proposed structure be within the easement, the building departments will not allow.
  • Construction Zoning Setbacks. You have to stay a certain number of feet from the front, left, right, rear property lines. If you plan to build a house of specific size and configuration, you must find out your property zoning and setbacks information before the closing. By ordering a siteplan from the Atlanta Surveying Firm you will find all these details.

  • Property Line Overlap or Gap.
  • For example where the deed of the property you try to buy is in conflict with the adjacent parcel, property lines are overlapping each other in the field.

You can find out all these problems at the very beginning of the real estate purchase research. Atlanta Mortgage Survey shows property lines, all the locations within the parcel of land, easements and you can see for yourself all important elements. We want you to make the right purchase and be happy with your investments.

If you plan on buying the real estate, call us at Survey Land Express and we would be glad to assist you and answer your land related questions. You can also request a free land surveying quote by clicking here.