For Investors

For Investors

Atlanta Real Estate Investors Information

You are a Real Estate Investor ready to purchase property, Great! Good for you!

You might be the beginner in Real Estate Investing or a Professional Business person. Before actually making an offer you do your preliminary research to narrow down the available choices for purchase. Once you pin point the location you make the offer and usually ask for an inspection period or sometimes called the due diligence time when you research and find out all the details about the property. And at that step of the process obtaining Atlanta Land Survey is very important in your research.

Your investment strategy might be to:

  • Purchase rental property and keep it for a cash flow. In residential market renting it to tenants to live in or in commercial market renting it as a business office or a warehouse.
  • Purchase large parcel of land and develop it into the subdivision and sell individual lots to the builders.
  • Purchase a smaller land parcel and split it in two parcels, keeping the existing building on half of the property and creating second lot for resale or new home.
  • Purchase land parcel and plan to build new construction, commercial or residential.
  • Almost in every case when you invest in real estate you purchase land and everything that goes with it including the buildings and other improvements. And really, if you look at the real estate closing, you receive the deed that has land description, sometimes there is no indication what other details are on the property such as driveway, fences, houses, landscapes, etc. Atlanta Land Survey Plat does show all these physical locations and improvements, including easements and other details.

    There are hundreds of books about Real Estate Investing and how to make the right choice about location, location, location and other savvy investment techniques.
    We can speak only for ourselves and can suggest to you only what we know best about Land Surveying and Land Projects. Atlanta Land Survey Plat will give you graphical illustration of how the land you just about to purchase looks like. And you can see what you can do strategically with land, find out potential problems before hand and make the right decision in the negotiations will the sellers.

    We wish you success in Real Estate Investing!

    And we are always ready to provide Land Surveying Services for you.

    Team of Survey Land Express