For Realtors

For Realtors

Residential Mortgage Surveys for Realtors

Real Estate Agents are doing an incredible work by putting the buyer and sellers together. All the negotiations between the parties and finally the real estate closing might sound easy for somebody, but actually it is a tremendous amount of work including the knowledge of real estate market and human factors of communications. We do respect your professionalism.

In the busy Metro Area of Atlanta many rules and regulations for real estate and developments do change all the time. And keeping up with the updates is a very important challenge. We work with building and zoning departments of the counties on the regular basis and have access to regulations data all the time. You, as a Metro Atlanta Realtor, have a busy schedule all the time and by contacting Survey Land Express you can get the answer about Atlanta Land Surveys in minutes, instead of spending hours trying to find the information in the government multi levels department system.

You put a lot of effort to get to the final step of the real estate transaction which is the closing. We want you to complete the transactions successfully. By obtaining an Atlanta Residential Mortgage Survey in working with the buyers or sellers you minimize the chance that some unexpected surprises will show up at the closing. You can find out in advance the details about the property that can be so critical to the parties of the transaction.

Atlanta Residential Mortgage Surveys will show on the drawing:

  • Boundary size and configuration
  • Encroachments on the property (if any)
  • Boundary problems or disputes, such as property line overlaps or gaps
  • All the improvements, including house, driveway, fences, etc.

By ordering the Atlanta Residential Mortgage Surveys in advance you make sure that sellers know what they are selling and buyers are buying and that secures your real estate closing.
If you are working with the developer or builder, the best for you would be to obtain an Atlanta Boundary Survey with Topography, Trees and Utilities locations, usually referred as a Construction Siteplan.

We want you to look very professional in the eyes of the builders and developers. You can call us, email a question or ask us to call you client and talk regarding land surveying project.

We look forward to provide you with professional land surveying services in Metro Atlanta and in State of Georgia.