For Sellers

For Sellers

Atlanta Title Surveys for Sellers

You decide to put your property for sale with a Realtor or by Owner. Great! We wish you to complete the sale fast, find good buyer who will fall in love with your house and property and have smooth real estate closing where all the parties of the transaction are happy.

Sometimes everything goes just fine, you have a buyer who is committed to buy your property, ready to do the real estate closing and at the last minute the closing attorney or lender calls you and says we have a title problem or property issues just uncovered by an Atlanta Title Survey, and buyers are backing out.

You almost went through all the process in the sale, and now you ask yourself – what happened? What did you miss in your preparation and what types of problems the attorney was taking about.

Just for instance several of them:

  • buyers didn’t know that utility easement on the back yard will prevent them from building a swimming pool.
  • buyers didn’t know that the neighbor built a fence over the property line into your land by 15 feet of encroachment several years ago and now claims this land part as his property and wants to take ownership to it by adverse possession rights with his lawyer.
  • buyers didn’t know that easement across your property to the adjacent land owner for crossing will prevent them from fencing the property around.
  • buyers expected that your property does extend beyond the creek on the back yard and the land to be over 2 acres where when they ordered Atlanta Title Survey themselves, acreage turned to be 1.2 acres and that was their backing out excuse.

And now you see for yourself how important it is to have an Atlanta Title Survey drawing at the time when you plan to put the property on the market. You can find out important and critical details about your property ahead of time. Some details you might not even see, pay attention to or be aware of, like for instance sewer line pipe does across your property but you don’t know where exactly because nice lawn is on the top of the surface, everything is so beautifully landscaped and the pipe is 5 feet under the ground. And examples like that can go on and on.

We at Survey Land Express want you to know everything about your property and be ready for that buyer who will come with strong offer and lots of questions. And when you have Atlanta Title Survey in the file, that will show the details about your land parcel, house location and other details.
In the buyers eyes you will look very prepared and professional.

Best wishes for you in your real estate sale.

Team of Survey Land Express